About Global Safari World

The main goal for Global Safari world has always been to provide a premium hunting and safari experience for its customers. Global Safari world is one of the biggest providers of hunting experiences, operating in six different continents. We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from different types of safaris to offering the hunting of many different animals. Everything is provided by us, from hunting gear to the vehicles required. We aim to provide you with a stellar hunting experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

While Global Safari world is dedicated to operating at the top level and only offer premium services, we also work hard to ensure that each and every one of our trips is very safe and secure. Additionally, we try to make our services as affordable as possible so that everyone can try the extremely adventurous sport of hunting. Our teams work hard and travel in advance to the destinations that we offer, planning out the trip so that the client has a smooth experience. Everything is already arranged for so that the client can relax and enjoy their hunt without having to worry about anything.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves being the number one hunting and safari company, offering our services in all continents, across numerous countries. We want to be the name that comes to mind when you think of ‘safari’. Hunting is more than just shooting and killing and we want to show people how enjoyable it can be.

Our Mission

Hunting is more than just a sport for us. We work hard to make sure that each and every experience that a client has is absolutely stellar and something unforgettable. To make sure this is the case, we employ highly skilled and experienced employees who will make your hunt feel like a walk in the park.